Accept Online Payments
We help digital merchants accept online e-commerce payments from their customers.

Online Payments Simplified
Users are 10x more likely to use airtime as a means of payment for digital goods.

Monetizing digital products has never been this easy. Monapay gives you access to customers who can pay for your products with their airtime.

Payment Types
Whether you wish to charge one-time fees, subscriptions or in-app billings, Monapay supports whatever works best for your business.

We have done all the hard work on licensing and partnerships. By simply integrating our API with your products, you start earning on the go.

How It Works
Are you a digital content producer? Monapay was designed to empower
digital content producers like you. Simply integrate and start earning.

Sign up
Create an account on our website, it’s quick and simple.

Add Products
Create as many product(s) as you want, edit your product and pricing information.

Integrate and Earn
Use our API documents to integrate and view your earnings from the merchant portal.

Cross Platform
With the merchant dashboard, shop admins can access transaction information, customer behaviour data and other cool performance metrics on any device.

Direct Carrier Billing
With our mobile-first commerce solution; you can easily integrate and start monetizing your digital products such as games, e-books, comics, animations, music and so much more.

Users are protected using a secure PIN system; this ensures that only the authorised account holder can make purchases.

Easy integration across all platforms.
We created a Direct Carrier Billing payment API with a seamless integration process so you
can easily earn money from your ideas. Please read our FAQ for further information.
If you require additional support, feel free to contact us